Environmentally Friendly Floors

July 1, 2024

Choosing new or replacement eco-friendly flooring is one of the emerging trends among house and condo owners. Eco-friendly flooring is made from, or with, more sustainable resources, such as materials that don’t deplete or permanently damage the environment (such as toxic laminates), or reusable or recyclable materials. Here are some examples:

Renewable and Sustainable – Bamboo, cork, hardwood, natural stone, linoleum, and wool carpet are just a few of the options out there. Before you buy natural flooring products, ask if the harvesting methods are verified through an accredited authority.

Repurposed and Reclaimed – Flooring made from old building structures (e.g., posts, beams, walls, and planks) is a viable alternative to grown and harvested resources. Likewise, recycled glass, plastic, and rubber provide ample raw materials for creative flooring effects. Using them also reduces landfill waste. These products can be found through decorative flooring dealers.

When purchasing any flooring, be it natural or synthetic, it is important to know how the product is manufactured, and that it can easily be recycled when it is beyond its usefulness, as opposed to ending up in a landfill.